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R:U Ready Story

R:U READY began in 2017 with a desire to challenge the notion that fitness was restricted to the gym environment. Now, with over 20 retreats and events in our catalogue and the best community we could ask for - R:U Ready continues to break boundaries and offer a unique fitness experience.

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  • Locations

    We pride ourselves in choosing only the best destinations across the globe. Immersing our crew in new cultures and exploring the beauty in every location as well as hitting some great workouts is what we’re all about. We offer national and international retreats which means if you’re up for long distance or just a few days away from the grind; we’ve got your back. 

  • Guests

    We welcome solo travellers, best mates, couples and groups; the R:U READY retreats are suitable for everyone. We understand it can feel daunting to travel alone but rest assured, you wont be the only solo guest arriving on our retreat and you’ll be leaving with a photo album full of new faces and memories you’ll treasure forever.

  • Workouts

    The R:U READY method is designed with everyone in mind. Whether you’re a gym junkie or a gym newbie you’ll find our workouts challenging but enjoyable. There is no fitness level required for our retreats or events. 

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