About Us

R:U READY began in 2017 with a desire to challenge the notion that fitness was restricted to the gym environment.

Steph and Lauren launched multiple events on rooftops, in under ground tunnels, in abandoned carparks and even in a cathedral, making fitness social, fun and accessible. The girls are happiest when exercising and travelling, so what happened next was an organic growth of R:U READY. 

Fast forward to 2023; Sell out international retreats in bucket list locations such as Cape Town, Bali and Ibiza on the annual itinerary with regular pop up events in the North East.

R:U READY are always on the look out for the next location and adventure to bring to their community. The girls want everyone to experience the escapism that fitness and travel can give you. 

R:U READY aim to continue to push boundaries in the wellness space, expand their community internationally and offer life changing experiences. 

The future looks good.

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